Gatherings | Talk: Starting out as a creative in SG (with help!)

1 hour
8 March, Fri, 8pm - 9pm

Venue: The Working Capitol, The Commons

Want to kickstart your career in design? This talk is targeted at creatives who are new to the industry. Pick up tips from seasoned practitioners on how to get ahead by tracing the careers of Mas Shafreen of Band of Doodlers; Rebecca Ting from Beyond The Vines; and Nat Kwee and Jackie Goh of 8EyedSpud. Each one will share the steps they took to get to where they are today, as well as practical advice that helped them get ahead. Moderated by Jacqueline Chang from PREP Luxe and Jacqueline Chang Studio.

To note: Limited to 70 pax per session.


About the Speakers

• Mas Shafreen of Band of Doodlers
Mas Shafreen (Wanton Doodle) is the founder of The Band of Doodlers to create an inclusive platform which promotes collaboration and co-creation through an accessible art form. Comprising artists with keen interests in doodling, drawing and illustration, the group is also known as the “White Space Bandits” — artists on mission to rid the world of blank spaces by filling them with characters and doodles. Founded in 2013, The Band of Doodlers currently has a stable of more than 160 artists.

• Nat Kwee and Jackie Goh of 8EyedSpud
8EyedSpud is a Singapore-based illustration studio founded by Nat Kwee and Jackie Goh. The duo bounce ideas off one another in a process they've coined Illustration Ping-Pong (TM), resulting in richer ideas that push the boundaries of their individual talents. Known for their wit and humour, they begin their projects with a single seed idea, building graphic style and narrative after. This allows them to experiment with different illustrative styles and processes.

• Rebecca Ting of Beyond The Vines
Beyond The Vines is a chic and contemporary womenswear label – searching adventure, embracing the future. We strive to create thoughtful, understated and honest designs for the everyday woman. Bold contours meet soft hues and take form in sleek texture, as we pare down to reveal the bare essential: an effortless aesthetic journey.
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Fri Mar 8, 2019
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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General Admission (Incl. of Ticket Fee) SOLD OUT $15.00
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1 Keong Saik Road Singapore
Street of Clans 2019